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13 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately

Orbit Media Studios (17.01.2024)

After 20+ years of planning 1000+ website projects (and measuring performance in Analytics for each) we have learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t on websites.

In this video, we share a list of website elements and content formats that you should probably take off your website ASAP. They may be popular, they may feel like common sense, but everything on this list is here because of hard-won experience or real-world data and examples.


Here’s the list:

00:31 Vague homepage headlines
01:30 Generic navigation labels
02:40 Meaningless subheadings
03:25 Homepage sliders
03:55 Stock photos of people
04:30 Social media icons
05:12 Dates on blog posts
05:55 Long paragraphs
06:37 Press releases
07:40 PDF files
08:52 Testimonial pages
10:05 Email links
11:05 Dead end thank you pages

Are the exceptions? Of course.

You can get the full post with the detailed breakdown of everything on the list here on the Orbit blog… https://bit.ly/42j88Rb


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