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Create Beautiful Websites Using Emacs Org Mode

DistroTube (12.04.2021)

In my never-ending quest to find the perfect way to create beautiful (yet minimal) websites, I had to try out Org Export in Emacs. Since I tend to write everything in Org Mode these days, it would be amazing to simply be able to convert my Org docs into HTML, and maybe add a little CSS to spice things up.



Rewriting My Website In Org Mode


In the last few days, I spent some time rewriting my website. I wanted to move over to a completely Emacs/Org-based website where I write everything in Org mode and then use Org Publish to convert everything to HTML. This is fantastic since I write everything in Org. All of my past show notes that I wrote in Org can now be easily added to my website.



20,000 Page Static Website Written In Org Mode


The distro.tube website has been up for a couple of years. It is a static website written in Org mode in Emacs. Until yesterday, it was about 50 pages. I decided to add another 21,000 pages to the site. Why? Because I wanted to see how viable it is to maintain such a large static website using Emacs and ‘org-publish’.




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