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Linux like original Unix

FreeDOS (11.07.2023)

We don’t give much thought these days to what “Unix” means. In 2023, most Unix systems are actually running some version of Linux, which includes modern tools and commands that were unthinkable when Unix hit the scene in the early 1970s. But some 50 years later, “Unix” still lives on.

I wanted to look back on Unix history and experience first-hand what it was like to use the original Unix. Unix 3rd Edition debuted in 1973, and I chose that version as my target. That’s transporting back in time by 50 years.

06:20 terminal setup
09:20 FORTRAN66 program
16:30 nroff document
32:20 linenum program



For another example of using Linux like original Unix, read my article on Sysadmin Signal: http://sysadminsignal.com/2023/06/19/run-linux-like-original-unix/

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