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Obsidian for Beginners: Start HERE — How to Use the Obsidian App for Notes

Linking Your Thinking (16.09.2020)

This is lesson 1 for beginners. This is the ultimate Obsidian HOW TO. Learn how to supercharge your note-taking and note-making. Learn the power of the Obsidian App in this practical course from Linking Your Thinking. In this video, you’ll learn exactly the simple steps on how to get started with the Obsidian app for note-taking as a complete beginner.

After you watch the six beginner videos, just start playing in your notes. If you still want to improve at Obsidian, consider flight school.


Become an expert Obsidian pilot. Fly around your knowledge. Train and improve your skills in Obsidian Flight School.
»» https://www.linkingyourthinking.com/obsidian-flight-school


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