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Why Go Is The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2021

Esoteric Tech (19.12.2022)

Learn why Golang is the best programming language you can learn in 2021. This video will explain the benefits of Go, the community behind it, and how it can impact your career.

Applying the principles in this video will help you determine what languages and technologies will help you the most in your software developer journey.


Golang Tutorial #1 – Introduction to Go


Golang Tutorial – Introduction to Golang

In this Golang tutorial I demonstrate the steps to install the Golang SDK as well as IDE’s (both Visual Studio Code and Goland) to start coding with Go. I also cover some essential topics that are often left out of Golang tutorials like the Golang CLI tool and Golang modules. At the end of this video you will know how to properly setup a Go project and run your first program.

Golang Tutorial #2 – Variables, Data Types, & Declarations


Golang Tutorial – Variables, Data Types and Declarations (Golang Introduction)

Variables in Golang can be delcared either explicitly and implicitly which is also known as short variable declaration.

I provide a visual demo to illustrate what happens in memory during variable declaration and initialization. I also touch on the default value for different data types. Understanding this is essential to working with Go pointers which many find to be a complicated topic.

Towards the end of the coding segment I said that the var keyword could be used in conjuction with implicit declaration. That was poor wording on my part. Instead, I should have said that the var keyword could be used to declare and initialize a variable all in one expression. Whenever you declare an actual type, it is always explicit. Apologies if that caused any confusion.

Golang Tutorial #3 – Go Pointers Explained


In this Golang tutorial for beginners I discuss Go Pointers. In order to learn Go programming it is important to have an understanding of pointers. Pointers in Go are way to store a reference to another variable. Why would you use pointers? Its all about Golang memory management and understanding whether your working with a variable or a copy of that variable. In fact good understanding of programming memory management is beneficial regardless of what language you are learning. Pointers are definitely on the list of Golang basics that you should add to your toolset.

This video explains what pointers are by using a visual illustration. I also dicuss how to use pointers with functions and how to use them for data validation. This is the 3rd video of my golang course /series


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