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Why you NEED to learn Obsidian // EP1 Mastering Obsidian

FromSergio (23.09.2021)

In this video I’ll be showing you guys why you need to learn obsidian in 2021. This will be a course series taking you from beginner to advanced in obsidian. I’ve been using Obsidian since February 2021 as an alternative to Notion and I cannot imagine going back at this point. I’ll be updating this Obsidian tutorial guide over time. Hope you enjoy it!


The 5 BEST Obsidian Plugins I Use (2021) // EP 2 Mastering Obsidian


Today I’ll be going over the only 5 plugins that I use in Obsidian. As you’ll see in this video you only need a very small amount of obsidian plugins to get over 80% of the benefits they have to offer. In fact I’d argue that going on an endless quest for the best obsidian plugins is a huge waste of time, speaking from experience! Hope you enjoy.


How To Backup Obsidian – Best Options // EP3 Mastering Obsidian


We’re going to explore how to backup your obsidian vault as well as the best cloud solutions for cloud syncing. Its crucial to understand that backing up your vault is not the same as having a cloud sync solution such as iCloud. So in this video we’re exploring the differences between the two as well as the best options for backing up your obsidian vault depending on your operating systems.


The BEST Way To Add Media To Your Obsidian Vault // EP 4


I’ll be going over the best ways of adding media to your obsidian vault. This includes youtube videos, tweets, images, screenshots, video files, audio files, etc. Adding media in obsidian is not like other apps but once you get the hang of it it’ll be second nature to you. Hope you enjoy!



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