10 WEIRD & USEFUL Websites That Will Blow Your Mind!

By Create a Pro Website (28.06.2019) The internet is a rabbit hole FULL of incredible content to explore. In this video I found 10 cool (and some very helpful) websites that may just BLOW YOUR MIND! Chem them out! Website #1: How Secure Is My Password https://howsecureismypassword.net/ Website #2: This Is Why I’m Broke https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/ weiterlesen…

How to Make a Parallax Website | AWESOME!

By Create a Pro Website HEY! In this video I’m going to show you How to Make a BEAUTIFUL Parallax Website! I’ll show you how to customize your site with a drag and drop page builder called Elementor, how to create a FREE custom logo, make a working contact form, and MUCH more!