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JavaScript DOM Crash Course

Traversy Media (12.09.2017)

This crash course focuses on the DOM WITHOUT JQUERY. In this part we will talk about what the JavaScript DOM (Document Object Model) is and we will look at the different selectors like


We will also look at how to change content and styles via these selectors

JavaScript DOM Crash Course – Part 2

In this video we will learn how to traverse and move around the DOM with properties like parentNode, parentElement, nextElementSibling and so on. We will also learn how to insert elements with createElement() and createTextNode()

JavaScript DOM Crash Course – Part 3

In this lesson in the JavaScript DOM, we will be looking at different events and how to attach them to DOM elements with addEventListener();

JavaScript DOM Crash Course – Part 4 [Final Project]

In this video we will take what we learned in the last 3 videos and create a simple Item lister project where we can add list items with a form, delete them and filter through them all with vanilla JavaScript and DOM properties and methods.


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