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Tool Time Session 1: Emacs Basics

Chris Kauffman, University of Minnesota (07.02.2020)

Overview of editing basics in the Emacs text editor. Emphasis on cursor movement, killing/yanking text, buffers for files/directories/shells, and basic edit/compile development cycles.

Notes: https://www.annen.ch/res/01-emacs-basics.html

Tool Time Session 2: Emacs Customization


Overview of customizing Emacs. Emphasis editing the .emacs initialization file, dynamically executing Lisp code to modify a running Emacs, binding keys to commands, tailoring visual

Notes: https://www.annen.ch/res/02-emacs-basics.html

Tool Time Session 3: Unix Text Tools


Overview of major Unix text processing tools. Focus on regular expressions, searching via grep, finding files via find, modifying text streams via sed, and simple awk scripts for more complex stream processing.


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