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Why you should NEVER start in Elementor, but in Adobe Xd (improve your web design process)

By LivingWithPixels

He guys, today I’m finally answering the question of Why I always start in Adobe Xd with a web design project before I even touch WordPress or Elementor. This has everything to do with your design process and will actually make your workflow faster (even though it doesn’t feel like that).

In addition, this tutorial shall give examples of other design tools to use like Sketch and Figma as well as those not to use like Photoshop since it is slow. In this video, you will see examples of how fast it is to design a website in Adobe Xd than it is in Elementor demonstrating the advantages of starting in Adobe Xd as compared to starting in Elementor. The video also explains the four steps included in a professional designing displaying the features that Adobe Xd has and Elementor doesn’t.


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